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About Time Space Continuum

A Digital Forum for Communication

The Time Space Continuum Group helps combine the human experience with technology. The TSC Group exemplifies how technology can be used to help people be who and what they are, rather than focusing on their obstacles. 

The TSC Group’s website posts art & literature to inspire others to create their own works of Art. In the TSC Group, Nicholas McCumber is the Artist, Tim Meehan and Mike McDaniel are the computer experts who put his Artwork online.

TSC Group, through partnerships, inspires others to work on themselves, their goals, creativity, journeys, and true paths, rather than their obstacles. 

What is TSC?

Let's begin by deciphering the name above, albeit simply. Time is composed of moments. Whether or not they may be manipulated remains in question. Space is the physical matter between voids; like stars from space or electrons & neutrons circling nuclei. Continuum, obviously, is what holds it all together.

The hard part follows. Digital refers to a new technology that is the invention of humanity. Forum refers to groups where people think and communicate. Time Space Continuum Web, then, will be a place where people from all over may visit to communicate. The primary requisite is that they are both curious and sincere.

Subsections of this site include the description of standards for image display and voting, the site security features, list of member organizations, and the critique/competition process.

Images: This section contains the image galleries, which include: Portraits, Still life, Action and Sports, Nature and Landscape, Miscellaneous, Class and Hall of Fame Gallery. As a member of the Forum, depending on your security level, there is capability for the following: view the images, make comments on them, edit an image, and vote on them with the following ten criteria: Composition, Color, Creativity, Impact, Presentation, Contrast, Lighting, Subject, Meaning and Focus.

Time Space Continuum wants to involve as many people as possible. Thanks to internet technology, they need not all live on the same continent - merely have internet access. This Forum provides a place where people may post images and ideas. It is the users responsibility to act conscientiously when making the critical decisions about posted materials. Time Space Continuum hopes you'll join in taking that famous first, small step.

The Digit

A Synopsis by its Creator,
Nicholas McCumber

Digits are best understood by knowing what they are not.

Digits are not precise.

Like life, Digits that work display several things vaguely  and at once. 

Like life, Digits display working- or non -working moments. Whether or not the Digit works is up to the viewer. 

Digits are not any one thing.

A Digit is a group of things  that is properly combined and mixes uniquely.

Digits are not a group of things.

A Digit is just one thing. That thing may be made of several media, however.

One could say a Digit is, like life, a contradiction in terms.

WDs (Working Digits) are forms – pure forms.

Digits are like a good dream: felt strongly then forgotten.

Digits are not just one medium. Only those that work.

WDs are the background of the viewer.


Cyber Art Galleries

About "The Digits"

This is the imaging section. TSC Forum galleries contain images characterized by their 'loaders' - or creators. The categories include Portrait, Sill Life, Action & Sports, Nature, Miscellaneous. Special galleries are for classes or groups and the Bedford Archives (named for Francis Bedford, Photographer to H.R.H. the Prince of Whales in the East), where the finest imagery is kept. This list will be revised as necessary.

"Finest" is among the most subjective terms around. Visitors to the galleries are encouraged to judge images according to the system outlined at the start of the galleries section. Its default is mediocrity and excessive amounts either of good or bad quality will be recognized.

It is hoped gallery visitors will feel confident enough to express themselves - at least using the 10 issues applicable to all digital images

"The baby-step-initials of this site were WWW, which stood for World Wide Web. This was a description of what the world would look like with all the wires around it transmitting computer signals by wire; a World Wide Web of Wires. Now there are fewer and fewer wires. Anymore the question 'will things stay on this planet or move to others?' is a real one and not just a source for fantasy.

What is Life made up of? There is Time. There is Space. There is the Continuum that holds Everything together. Wired or wireless ? That depends anymore. "It", you know, is the human experience.

Nicholas McCumber, LMRPS
Lifetime Member Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (Elected 1989)

Founder, Time Space Continuum, Inc.

Join us as Nicholas McCumber's digital images skim around the viewers' mind. Only challenged concentration will excite the viewers' mind when whatching these items. Hopefully dreams will be aroused.

Remember, though, these images remain incomplete until considered by someone.

Stories and Essays

In addition to being an accomplished photographer, Nick is also a talented fictional essayist.
Each of these links will transport you to a new page, and a new world of thought and philosophy.