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October 27, 2020

I must find a way to fit into the world in which I live.

...Or bend it to do my bidding; and since the latter can’t be done, I must find a way to fit into the world in which I live.

I can look at my artwork, my Digits, and work to put them online.

I am shooting too high with this HSM stuff. I can’t do a contest. Not now at least. Maybe later when I have more access to greater artists. Now all I’ve got is my Digits and my Poems. But what is this ‘all I’ve got’ attitude? I’m amazingly fortunate to do what I do and do it as well as I do. I must step up and take the bat and hit a homer for the winning team. How to do it? By writing poems or doing Digits.

It CAN be done. I am an example for many people - I must continue for their sake at the least. Sure there are the ‘causes’ like Biden or Trump - but one must vote. One gets one ballot. It’s arguable how much each individual ballot counts, but that’s not the point. Like a monastery a democracy runs on a unique form of consensus, in which the predominate mindset and action often coincide. So I say It can be done. It has been done. It just needs protection from the agony of the elements that would destroy it. Let the Jesuit Order serve as the template for the many looking for hooks on which to hang their threads and live a quiet life in contemplation. It can be done. If one can think it, it can be done. Ask any priest or monk.

Many people blow their horns and say ‘Look at the mess we’ve made’. Then they describe our errors.

The mistake was in not looking forward. We glanced to the side only momentarily and lost our position on the track. But we must keep up with our gestures to keep on the track. That folder of current, modern day squawks won’t leave for the fun of it. Indeed it won’t leave. Its indelible. Better not waste your effort trying to uproot and eliminate deeds taken. Correct them when possible but most often just start fresh. Since one only gets a few chances at this, one had better be sure about the quality of one’s tricks.

I must change these artworks supposedly extant to give birth to harder and fresher types of creativity than currently exists. They will be altogether new.

July 21, 2019

Pipe Smoke Land Moon by Nicholas McCumber ©2019

land. land. land.
moon. moon. moon.
where do we
go from here?
to other
disstant lands.
But wait - now
disstant has
new meaning.
Its simply

Smoke that in
your pipe for
longest day.

July 15, 2019

must write about writing
because the technology
devil stole my
visual doings
that were so superior
blasting babies bosoms
to distant pastures
with airtight visions
of thermion’s girdle like

July 15, 2019

words.words. words.
wonderlands where wily
whessep white wan-a-bias
with retrospective
of upright ideas
wave blowing in  the

August 11, 2016

Well there’s nothing wrong with reading - its just what you read that makes the matter. I’ve spent my life failing to read the type of book that doesn’t interest me and building a great inferiority complex because of the failures. Today I finished a short story - White Nights - by Dostoevsky and am so happy that I am overjoyed! I am calm and at peace with myself feeling the art in the home Barret designed based on my request of ‘figure 8 travel patterns’. Yes indeed he and I succeeded! Barrett extended artfully my request.

LATER TODAY August 11, 2016 at 12:19 PM

That’s an interesting idea - building an inferiority complex by reading nay failing to read books

Whereas… One could - with sensitive instruction - get a positive outlook on life by finding and reading the right types of books. By completing something. There are so many types to choose from its a matter of searching. That would be a matter of matching youngsters with types in the early years. The information exists in all the genres. The fictitious mind should not be pared with the serious subjects; likewise the serious mind should not be linked with the poetic. Be it fictitious or serious in nature, all ideas exist in both places only in different names..That would put tremendous pressures on teachers of youngsters to know a lot so they can mix and match their young students.

November 18, 2015

I rather like the idea of having two pen for signing important papers and other pens to use interchangeably.

Like important documents, I should only have one pen like it.

One pen for important things; a unique ballpoint. A good ballpoint for the papers with carbons  and a fountain pen for the papers wanting only signatures.

This idea can get too defined; a pen for each document is not what I desire. Special documents are to be signed with this pen. That means it gets used rarely. There are few ‘special documents’ in my life.

Just spoke to Stephen. He’s found a model for a week from today, after the appointment at Anschutz. I arrive at his place at 1:30 and leave at 4:30. Its a 2 hour shoot. He told me just to bring my boot; he thinks she’ll wear it. I guess he didn’t ask her about it. I think he said as much.

I’ve listened to the first two books of the Republic by Plato, translated by Jowett. Wonderful. Wish I didn’t have this tremor which shakes the books and tires my eyes.

November 9, 2015

had seizure at beginning of mass yesterday and hurt my ankle went to ER to get it x-rayed. they found a ‘nondescript fracture with swelling and put me into a cast.I do’t know how  I’m going to get to Dr O this AM. I’m gonna have too ask Ken for help. We can find and answer on the way down.  I slept on top of the blankets last night with the heater on.Slept cozy. Lady at church said I just sprained or twisted ankle.  The pain increased as the day did. Arranged for Pat to take me to ER for x-ray. They (Pat and Terry) did. Now I’m in a cast. I don’t know how I’ll get out of it. I wasn’t able to undress to change to jammies for bed so I slept in my clothes.

But  I am feeling awake and alert. Not filthy like I expected to.

Despite my ankle I took communion at mass yesterday. Walked from next to back row up to front.They said a prayer for me during mass. Quite nice of them. Hope I don’t  have to do this whenever I want a prayer.

Bedford has been very nice and quiet. He’s coughed but not barked. Very considerate.

I’ll have to tell Ken that my next PT visit is off because I can’t do the PT exercises. So much for Thursday.

I can move around slowly. Get in an out of Dr O chair? Today get onto love seat. Now I gona go get a clean shirt.

Dr O just called to remind me to put my med box in the bag and write check for $275 today. I told Dr O that Pat is coming over to check med-box.

LATER November 9, 2015 8:35 PM

Pat just called to say her car was undriveable and she had to go home and ‘switch out cars’. But “I’ll be there” she said.

I was in bed and ready to turn  off the lights when she called. Now I am in my jammies and robe. I will get some… Pat just called to ask if I needed any Dr Pepper. I told her no; that I never drink Dr Pepper after 6pm since it keeps me awake.

Pat said she’d be here in 5 to 10 minutes. I wonder how long that will be…That was about 20 minutes ago.

October 24, 2015

Political Comments?

Should the Artist make political comments in his//her work? I think not. The Artist should strive to make pure beauty. That will resonate with the viewers and show them what they might be. Their potential, if they choose, is what they need to know. It is up to the  viewer to reach their potential and then exceed it if they want. Artists produce 100% beautiful things. Viewers see these things and learn what they can be and become that; then exceed what they learned from the Artist.Their life becomes a unique statement. Since beauty is devoid of negative things, the lives of the viewers have no negative elements. Suddenly the society has nothing negative in it. People are living in a wonderful society. It is beautiful despite themselves.

When the Artist makes a political statement with his/her work, limits get involved. Art should be endless and without limits; as infinite as the night sky and as endless as the Lord. This is what makes Pure Art; why true Art is so rare. Creating something that only considers human potential and is devoid of intellectual statements is, at this moment, hard. One day, perhaps, anyone will be able to make such an item and Artwork will be easy and common. But, as long as there are desires to hinder people’s progress, life will be a ruckus. Is it a ruckus in GodLand? What is it like in LordLand? If we were made in God’s image - not the Lord’s - is it time that we exceeded what we’ve become and become like the Lord? That begs the question, What is the Lord like?

He is what we can be, in the best of all possible worlds. Now, what is that?