The Run


She runs down the stairs like the saints chase her. “Why run from good creatures,” the finicky blond asks herself, feeling both fear and pleasure? Shouldn’t she turn and welcome her followers openly? Running away might scare them and she knows these good people will make you smile whether you want to or not.

She reaches the bottom of the stairs. Except for a row of blooming peach trees, exuding a potent fragrance, nothing is there. She inhales the aroma, being soothed by it until she remembers that she runs from nice people. She has no answer as to the why of what she was doing. The flowers overcome her with a perfume that, once inhaled, take control of that person’s soul.

She despairs of the aroma like film covering one’s hand in a glove would seek out and find crinkles on the wearer’s hand. Only those crinkles that didn’t collapse when covered as most do. She stepped forward firmly wondering why she moves at all, perplexed that she doesn’t openly greet her sidekicks.

“What kind of lackey-brain basher am I to do this when I know I would glean so much by turning openly and warmly receiving them into my life?”

Then she turns away from her pursuers and starts running toward the light at end of the peach trees. It isn’t pleasant this odor, but its makes her act in this inexplicable manner. She knows this for no good reason; just a knowledge that comes to her with the sincerity of gravity. How does she know this?

There is much to be said for the argument that the only thing holding us to the planet is our belief that we must adhere to it. If we truly want we may leave the planet and travel into other dimensions whenever we want. Its traveling between dimensions that makes things like time travel seem impossible and then become quite impossible.

Time bends with the ease of space twisting. Simply we believe we can bend spacial things like iron but we don’t think we move in time. This begs the question for the lady, did she think at all while in her mother’s womb. Was she preparing for this thing called life? Doing homework to give her facts required by this thing called Life? Ideas like time not bending and gravity holds us to the planet or one must marry with a ritual.

Another insoluble fact would be that hunger causes death. Hunger causes hungriness. How people deal with that changes between cultures. In ours, hunger causes pain and it causes death. There exist cultures where no pain is carved out by hungriness, however. People live lives without eating or drinking.

The pursuers try to break the lady’s thoughts so they might add another soul to their collection of broken people. They pretend to be kind and friendly but really they want to hurt and destroy those they run after. Once they get close enough they reach out and grab their victims with falsehoods.

A dazzling light blinds Marylyn as she comes to the end of the trees. She feels fingers curling around her thighs and breasts. Then a deep, masculine voice says, “Everything you have been taught is wrong. Follow me. I will tell you what is right.”

Marilyn knows the voice lies. She tried to shake free of the groping hands. However, she begins too late. She has lost her soul to her pursuers. They take her up to another level of life that only proved, by its simple existence, that Marylyn, not the gropers, understands. Time can be bent out of shape but only after one believes the possibility of the impossible to be the fact.

The lady looks and sees someplace she merely dreamed about until then. She experiences a land without anything solid. Everything slides like a moving stream. There is no stagnant time to slow down the souls. The souls sensed there don’t know hunger. Marilyn sees she has no body. Light does not exist; nor does darkness.

She knows these things for no good reason except that that’s how things truly are. Everything she was taught in her mother’s womb is false. Now she must relearn everything. Even that wrong is right and right is wrong.