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branches clues-time Choice-clues Cooking  Cooking pan-batter heated-start Chef adds something to sauce-start 2 men drink wine & observe start God as chef,Christ &Holy Spirit as 2 men Men were observing chef when images taken Corruption-clues-vrses
Corruption clues deerleg bldg clues digit -2 drivebygod-clues
Girl,People,Church-clues Head,foot-clues in - out 1-clues-vrs in - out 1 clues
Man - Wall2-clues Manadal 1-clues Montreal 3-clues New Idea vrs 3-clues
New Idea clues 2 New Idea clues 3 Singing Planter-clues1 Smiles-clues
Smoking I-clues the boss-clues walls-clues warmth 1-clues, time